A general rule in your financial success in business is that you cannot increase profits. You cannot just say that you are going to increase profits of your business without some specific strategy.
The only thing that you can do to increase profits is to improve the variables that ultimately determine your level of profitability. When you improve these 5 variables about your business you will increase profits and affect your bottom line.

Here we go...


1) Lead generation

The process that you use to attract interested prospects to your
business. If five out of ten prospects who come into your place of
business end up buying from you and you can increase the number of
people coming in from ten to 15, you can make more money and increase profits by 50 percent.

2) Lead conversion

The process by which you convert leads into paying customers. This is the measure of the effectiveness of your sales efforts. If you can increase your conversion rate from one out of ten to two out of ten, you can double your sales and increase profits.

Improving your ability to sell and convert interested prospects into paying customers is one of the most important things you can do. And there is no replacement for ongoing sales training, both for you and for every single person who speaks to customers, either live or on the phone.

Look at every key result area in your sales process and seek ways to improve a little bit in each area. A small improvement in each key area can lead to an enormous improvement in overall sales results.


3) Number of transactions

The number of individual sales that you make to each customer that you acquire. By increasing the frequency of purchase by ten percent, you increase your sales and increase profits by the same percentage. What are some things that you could do to get your customers to buy more from you and to buy more frequently?



4) Size of transaction

The size of the sale and the profit that you earn from each. You should be continually looking for ways to up-sell each customer so that he or she buys more each time.


5) Eliminate costly services and activities

Many companies get into a routine or rhythm of offering expensive services to their customers that they could easily discontinue with no loss of customer satisfaction Look at the little services that you offer to your customers. Is there anything that you could reduce or discontinue altogether?